Knight Hawk - Portable Pop-Up Target Version III

Included in the KNIGHT HAWK

  • Pop-up Target Base Unit

  • Two Semi-Sealable Plastic Targets

  • Four Target Posts

  • 18 Volt Rechargeable Battery with Charger

  • Two Velcro Straps

  • Two Sensors

  • Shot Plate


Single Target Mode

  • One target and one sensor are connected

  • When the power mode is set to single target, the green light is

  • The target will fall upon impact and automatically return to the
    vertical position

Dual Target Mode

  • Both targets and both sensors are connected

  • When the power mode is set to dual target, the red light is

  • As the first target is hit and falls, the second automatically
    pops up

  • When the second target is hit and falls, the first returns to its original position


  • One target and one sensor are connected

  • Patent-pending design makes an automatic target affordable for

  • Dual target mode and the advantage of a fast, 3 second cycle
    time allow two shooters to use one machine.

  • Lightweight design allows users the option of transporting the 55lb.
    base to different locations as opposed to a stationary actuator or pneumatic
    systems that can cost $3000.00 or more

  • Fully automatic system operates on a 18-Volt rechargeable
    battery system. Which when fully charged will produce approximately 300- 400
    cycles per charge. Depending on frequency of use.

  • Only Target on the market that will recognize hits from Airsoft
    BB’s, Simunition rounds, Less than lethal rounds, Bean bag guns, Shotguns,
    Paintballs and even Tasers.

  • Sensors can pick up Airsoft Loads from 100 feet away ... yet
    withstand winds up to 50 miles per hour without triggering a false “hit”

  • 5-foot tall panels can accommodate most any target overlay

  • Target panels are made of military grade semi-sealable plastic
    and can withstand over 1,000 rounds before having to be replaced. Once the
    targets have been shot up, just replace with another panel. Replacement panels
    are a fraction of the price of steel targets. Targets are constructed of
    plastic greatly reduces the risk of ricochet.

  • The base unit is made of sturdy 12 gauge steel and the drive
    unit is housed in durable 12 gauge powder coated steel plating. A solid piece
    of 12 gauge steel also protects the battery from low-fired shots.

  • Instant positive feed back

  • Reset as Programmable

  • Not as heavy as Steel

  • Best of both worlds – mix between Steel and Programmable

  • Ability to re-engage

  • The only target on the market that can be engaged from the side
    or behind

  • LED light turns on when the target is ready and turns off then
    the target falls.

  • Long Range Remote- Now Included

Knight Hawk - Portable Pop-Up Target Version III
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